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What is the Settlement Process?


So, you're buying a house and it’s an exciting time but also a bit confusing. Things feel like they’re happening pretty fast and, often, some important things can go unexplained.

Communication and coordination. We work with you, your lender and the real estate agent to execute each step thoroughly to prepare you for closing.

Step 1

Settlement Order Created

A request for title has ordered by a lender of a ratified contract.

Step 2

Title Search

A diligent search of the property is being done in the courthouse records.

Step 3


We gather information and order the items necessary for closing.

Step 4

Title Examination

The title search is being reviewed to determine the insurability of the property.

Step 5

Closing Coordination

A date and time is set for closing with all parties.

Step 6

Document Preparation and Closing

Lender instructions are being reviewed,  the loan documents are being prepared, the Closing Disclosure is completed. 

The Deed is signed by the sellers and the buyers execute the new mortgage documents.

Step 7

Recording and Disbursement

Pertinent documents are recorded in the county courthouse and monies disbursed.

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